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Under the Individual Mandate rule, everyone must have minimal essential coverage. 
If an individual does not have minimal essential coverage, the IRS will collect a penalty at tax time.
By 2016 and after, this penalty will be $695/person or 2.5% of annual income, whichever is greater.

Let us help you find a plan that meets these requirements and also fits your budget.

Our compensation is based on a consultative fee rather than a commission schedule.   This aligns our objectives with your objectives: keeping your premiums and healthcare costs low, year after year.

This is a significant departure from the normal commission structure in which an “Agent” is rewarded with a pay raise each time your healthcare costs increase.

Individual Health & Dental Plans

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​Southeast Benefit Consulting was formed in 2013 to provide small to mid-size (50-300) employee companies and individuals with professional insurance consulting. Our staff has over 38 years of experience which is built upon integrity and excellence. 

The cost of healthcare and other insurance benefits to employers and individuals is rising significantly. Our mission is to provide our clients both Individual and corporate with plans designed to manage these costs.

We are committed to staying abreast of the ever changing landscape of Health, Life, Dental, Disability, and Long Term Care.